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Metallics are a trend that looks to be here to stay, in cakes, wedding décor, dresses and more!  Not that I’m complaining  – Metallics are a great way to tie different colours together, highlight aspects of a design and make your cake really stand out.

One difficulty is deciding on what metallic effect to go for, and what material will give you the desired look. With so many options available I thought it would be good to run through some options!

Reflective Metal

If you’re after a gilded, reflective metallic look then gold or silver leaf is the best way forward. This can be applied in a variety of ways to create different looks. Covering an entire tier with gold / silver leaf sheets gives a mirror like quality. For a more subtle use it, gold and silver leaf can be added in a distressed pattern for a more abstract design. This looks great paired with a watercolour cake.

Painted Metalic

Painted cakes are also very on trend, and metallic aren’t being forgotten here either! Mixing lustre dusts with vodka (don’t worry, the alcohol evaporates!) to create a metallic paint can then be used to either paint an entire tier, or to highlight parts of the design, or even to paint freehand onto the tiers themselves.

There are also ready made paints available, but I’ve found the best coverage are the Rolkem Super Gold / Silver dusts mixed with vodka. To cover a whole tier, a large soft bristle paintbrush gives the best coverage (although sometimes needs a few applications) and adds a slight texture to the tier, almost like brushed silk.

Airbrushed Metalics

If you’re after a seamless finish with no brush marks then airbrushing is definitely the best way to get a metallic coverage.  Spectrum Flow airbrush paint has a great range of metallic colours, the bronze is a personal favourite  and gives great coverage even on white icing. The Gold and Silver look best on yellow / grey or black icing depending on how dark a metallic look you want.

Metallic Texture

Textures are another trend that are hugely popular in cakes at the moment, and highlighting texture in metallics can add real wow factor. All of the above metallics can be used to add another dimension to a textured tier.

I’ll admit, I’m a magpie and love using metallics in the cakes I design, what is your favourite effect?

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