Cookie Class as a Student at The Cake College

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Normally my days at The Cake College involve me doing the teaching, but Saturday was a bit different! I got to sit the other side of the table and join in as a student. I’ve never iced cookies before and when Lucy mentioned there was a space available on the cookie class, I couldn’t resist.

It was lovely to meet Debs in person, I’ve seen her beautiful cakes and cookies online and follow her on Instagram but although we both teach at The Cake College we had never actually met! There were also a few friendly faces from fellow students who had been to a few of my classes and it was exciting to be joining them to play with a new medium.

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We started off by thinking about colours (always the hardest part of the day!) and mixing up lots of different pots of royal icing. Debs explained the uses for all the different consistencies while we worked our arm muscles – I thought kneading colour into fondant was a work out, I swear I used arm muscles I never knew I had.

Debs clearly knows her stuff, and even after we quizzed her on how to make different (and more difficult!) colours she was very patient and gave us time to discuss ideas before moving us on to the next step.

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Three colours made up our pallete for the day, to be tied together with white. I decided to go slightly vintage with my colour choices and used grey, pink and green. Not colours I normally use together, but where better to try out something different than at a class?

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The naked cookies were waiting for us at the table, ready to be decorated. Debs had some great tips about baking cookies to keep their shape and make nice, flat cookies that are perfect for icing.

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The first step of actually decorating the cookie was piping and flooding a few of the larger cookies so they could set before over-piping details in the afternoon. There were also templates for practicing before piping onto the cookies.

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Next was on to creating piped royal icing roses. Never did I think I would be piping onto a cocktail stick but apparently so!

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Lunch Time!

How cute is this Berkshire Pig mug?

Lucy is fab and kept the tea and coffee coming all day – definitely needed for the concentration required!

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After a lunch break we were  back to ice our cookies. First piping out design, then flooding and adding details. Debs was great at explaining all the different techniques and we then had chance to practice them all on a range of different shaped cookies.

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Finishing touches included adding leaves, positioning the finished roses and piping borders.

Overall I found it rather therapeutic to sit and decorate all the cookies and can really see the appeal. There is something really pleasing about being able to create art work out of an edible medium, especially when you can add small details and really make something beautiful from a simple biscuit base.

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It was great fun being a student for the day, I really enjoyed having a whole day to play with cookies and even better, getting to eat them afterwards!

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If you fancy a cookie class, pop by The Cake College website to book. Be warned though – you may get the cookie decorating bug like me!

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How  cute are these little fluffy chicks! We had been listening to them chirping away all day and I couldn’t wait to meet them at the end of class, only a few days old and so fluffy!

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