Candy Coal Recipe

Are you on Father Christmas’s naughty or nice list? I know which I’m on ;)[/text_output]

This is a quick and easy treat to make as a trick present for Christmas, you can add different flavourings to this such as mint, orange or vanilla so it’s tasty too! My daughter didn’t believe she could eat it, but you definitely can ūüôā

Candy Coal Ingredients:

  • 1 egg white
  • 200g Black icing sugar (plus extra if needed)
  • 750g Caster sugar
  • 2 tsp Flavouring
  • 250ml Water

Separate your egg and save the egg yolk for something yummy (I need to find more recipes with egg yolks in!)

I like to use black royal icing sugar for this recipe as it gives a good depth of colour but you can use black extra food colour paste.

Mix the icing sugar with the egg white and your chosen flavouring.  It needs to be quite thick, not too runny. Add some more icing sugar if it still drips too quickly. It should leave a line in the mixture if you run your whisk through it.  Weigh out 70g of this mixture. I tend to make big batches, so split the mix into 70g amounts and make about 3 lots of candy coal.

In a large saucepan mix the caster sugar and water. Heat this gently to 126 ¬†Degrees Centigrade. Use a sugar thermometer to measure the temperature and don’t be tempted to heat it too quickly…a little patience is useful here!

While your sugar mixture is heating, line a tin with tin foil ready to pour your mix in. Do this first, as when it’s bubbling and ready to pour into a tin you don’t want to be searching for something to put it in (speaking from experience!)

Once it has reached temperature, remove from the heat and add the egg white mix.¬† It will foam, ¬†a lot!¬† Keep stirring as it bubbles to make sure the black colour is mixed through and then pour into your lined tin.¬† Leave to cool for a few hours. It doesn’t need to go in the fridge, ¬†just pop it on the side in a cool area.

Break up using a knife or spoon as a hammer. Sometimes dropping it onto a chopping board creates the most lifelike coal lumps.

These would look great in a mini Christmas stocking, ¬†or a Christmas gift bag. I’ve used them for decorating cake boards too – I can just see this surrounding a Father Christmas stuck in a chimney cake – maybe that’s my Christmas cake for next year!
Candy CoalCandy CoalI am a little bit in love with these new Christmas decorations, we found them at Clas Ohlson while doing some Christmas shopping and just had to put some on the tree.Candy Cane DecorationsCandy CoalCandy Coal

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  1. My husband is from Turin, Italy, and this is a common gift at Christmas for the Naughty Children in their stockings. Of course, they do get their presents after lol. Thank you for the recipe!!

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