Why use a stencil?

There are so many reasons using a stencil makes so much sense!

They save you time (yay!), you can reuse them on different cakes (saving you money!) and they add so much detail and texture that would be a real pain to add by hand (win!)



Add texture to your tiers, and in a super quick and easy way. Designed with fellow cake artists in mind, the patterns repeat to allow them to be used on a variety of cake sizes.  

Stencil Features:

Seamless repeating designs


Food Safe


Creating movement in a cake design can sometimes be a challenge... not any more! Use a stencil to add movement to a design and draw your eye around the cake. 

Can be used with:

Royal Icing





Use a stencil to create intricate details like this snowflake design on a winter wedding cake, enabling you to create ornate designs in minutes.

Added details for:

Variety of designs

Showstopping cakes

Extra wow factor

How do they work?

Stencils are made from a food safe, flexible material around 250 microns thick. They are designed to be thin enough to curve around your cake, but thick enough to leave just the right amount of icing behind so that the design stands out.

Secure the stencil either using pins or by taping it to greaseproof paper to wrap around your cake. Apply an even layer of icing / ganache / buttercream to the stencil, then take away the excess with a scraper. Remove the stencil and Ta-da! Beautiful stencil design. Head over to Instagram for some quick tutorials

They are super easy to use and will add so much detail to your cake in no time at all. You'll wonder what you did without them.

Need a stunning cake design fast? Add a matching border stencil

Add a border stencil to finish off the bottom of a tier. Or, go against the grain and use it on the top edge of a cake. Or, as a strip to add texture to a small area... There are so many possibilities!

Still not convinced?

Never used one before? Not sure where to start? Don't worry. They're really not scary. In fact, I use them all the time to create cakes with real wow factor and you'll be using them too in no time. If you can't wait to start, there's a full stencil kit in the shop that comes with everything you need to get stencilling straight away.  


Although it would be lovely to have all the time in the world to decorate a cake, let's face it, we don't! 

Using a stencil speeds up the decorating process, leaving  you with more time for other details such as sugar flowers, finishing touches and maybe even a cup of tea while you admire your handy work 

Two. Seamless Designs

Lining up stencils shouldn't be hard work, so all of the repeating designs have a seamless repeat which means the stencils can be easily lined up to create a seamless design around the sides of your cake 

Many of them even repeat vertically too, so go stencil some extra tall, double barrelled tiers! 

Three. Intricate Details

Designed with cake artists in mind, these stencils allow you to create intricate textures that would otherwise require a whole load of hand cut shapes (who has time?!) or hand piping all those details (hello aching hands!)

Save yourself a lot of muscle ache and check out the new stencil designs to find your next addition