Cake Tool Box

When I first got into making cakes, it didn’t take me long to gather a whole load of cake paraphernalia. To begin with it wasn’t too much of an issue – it all fitted into a mini draw unit. Then it expanded and took over a cupboard… and then I was stuck looking at craft boxes online with envy. Sure they look great, and they come in pretty colours…but they also have a price tag and quite often the actual storage space in them isn’t all that!

Then one day (fed up of my cake stuff being everywhere!) my fabulous husband suggested buying a tool box. My eyes probably lit up like a kid in a cake shop 😉 and immediately took him up on the offer. So off to Halfords we went. Yes, a real, red, mechanic’s tool box. An additional purchase was a roll of non slip matting to line the drawers and hey presto, my very own cake tool box.

It is definitely the easiest way for finding and storing tools that I have tried. I have to admit, there are some tools that haven’t made the cut and are still relegated to a plastic box, but all my go to tools are here in this tool box (and the drawers and boxes on top…)

I’ve tried to organise them into sections, so the very top lid section has impression mats and moulds in. Next up are my sculpting tools. This includes quite a few of my favourite tools, but I’ll keep them for another blog post!

Continuing are the brushes and smoothers.

Sugar flower making drawer next, complete with wires, pliers and florist tape.

Colours, an ever expanding collection. So pleased more companies are putting colours on the top of the lids, saves me writing it on!

Rolling pins, can you ever have enough?

Bit of a miss matched selection here. Pink glue gun for all the board modifications and structure building! Wafer paper and paper punches – very popular at the moment!

The drawers on top keep a selection of flower cutters and mats.

More cutters and my prized Evil Cake Genius stencils rolled up.

 So if you’re looking for a storage solution for all your cake items, I definitely recommend a tool box if you have space. Easy to clean, loads of space and the castors mean I can move it around easily too. Maybe this year my poor husband will finally get his own!